Activity Reviews

Teachers’ Creative Café

Teachers’ Creative Café: Summary of Evaluation Forms

What did you enjoy most?

• Open discussion of the use of technology on classroom and beyond (science)
• Learning about relevant accessible software (art)
• Time to think and discuss technology (SMT)
• Practical demos of using technology in the classroom (creative arts)
• Demos by practitioners, talking through ideas with people in industry (art)
• Sharing in school ideas with other departments (maths and english)
• Learning how to use animation (english)
• Group work, chatting with experts (english)
• Feeling inspired, time to think creatively (english)
• Setting up something specific I can use this week, i.e Lady Macbeth’s blog (english)
• Different software and applications available (media/arts)

 What could be improved for another time?

i) Teachers
• skills/understanding: helping developing practice, teaching new skills, better understanding of how to use technology to increase student progress, keeping teachers up to date with technology, additional training
• teaching and learning: making lessons more interactive, more engaging and interesting, bringing teachers/students together – a 2 way process
• resources: access to resources, creative tools to aid lessons
ii) Students
• skills/understanding: skills for modern work world, allowing them the chance to show off the skills they have, working with professionals in the industry
• teaching and learning: 24/7 learning, engagement, enjoyment, inspire students to us technology in all subjects, improve progress, drive and passion, more engaged and focused, facilitating learning through creative technologies, engaging students to be part of lesson