Activity Reviews

The BACA/PACA Family Album

Mid Point Review

What are you enjoying about the project so far?

6th Form: Everything! Really excited that it is planning for a REAL event and not just theory – we have never planned a real event before. Looking forward to the reactions of visitors to the exhibition (PACA). We work well as a team, pixellation, linking projects together (BACA)

Years 10s: Taking photos, technical skills, some people enjoy being in the photos (PACA)
clay, drawing, animating, taking pictures (of people pixilation), watching each others movies (BACA)

What have you found challenging?

6th Form: Editing ideas and copy, honing ideas into actual decisions, agreeing as a team, committing to an idea,trying to put scenes together, story boarding

Year 10s: Accepting pictures you don’t like, coming up with different poses
everything, animating, storyboards because drawing is hard, imagination, memory, initial ideas, (BACA)

To what extent are you having to problem solve in this project?

6th Form : Designing the logo – solving problems in photoshop, reaching agreements about designs and ideas were planning, reaching agreement about what to do, were making concrete ideas

Year 10s: Reshooting photos that didnt work the first time, finding suitable backgrounds
pixilation, first couldn’t take pictures but learn’t how

To what extent are you having to work as a team in this project?

6th Form : Planned everything together – at least two people are involved in every part
all the way through! When discussing ideas, planning and creating, even when working on individual projects

Year 10s: When collaborating with a subject in pictures – needs communication. when making/hearing constructive criticism (PACA). 2D animations (BACA)

To what extent are you having to be determined in the project?

6th Form Put our colour palette together – reaching agreement and editing the options was really hard. Showed up at the sessions (we don’t have to attend these!), when putting scenes together – we are keen to get it right, when scrapping ideas that don’t work

Year 10s: Have had technical issues, printers, computers and cameras. to get into the work, aim a bit higher

To what extent do you need to be passionate in this project?

6th Form: Came up with the exhibition ideas – we feel a sense of responsibility to get it right for all the people making work for the exhibition (PACA). Linked this project to our existing coursework, giving us extra to show the exam board. We really like the subject of the Seven Deadly Sins from our coursework project and felt passionate about connecting this to our family of friends story for this project (BACA)

Year 10s: We’re in control of the creative content of the pictures. working with clay

To what extent do you need to be creative in this project?

6th Form : Planned the exhibition design, designed the logo and worked out the brand identity. presented ideas, used our imagination, made our animations

Year 10s: Were taking pictures, making facial expressions, presenting work in our books
storyboards, ideas

To what extent do you need to take risks in this project?

6th Form : Put our ideas to the group and again when we wrote the brief for the stakeholders – they might hate our ideas! making changes to ideas we’d had as the end result could go wrong, taking a chance on plans that might not work

Year 10s: Were in the pictures, when the pictures were shown (because we might not like them), using expensive kit

Which attribute did you use least?

6th form: Problem solving and risk taking equally – we know we will be using these more once we have to solve the details of the planning (how to get everyone’s work shown in the space, logistics problems etc) and the major risk will be when we get to the exhibition and see if it works. determination. Continue to work from ideas that we are really passionate about

Year 10s: being determined. Being happy with the quality and content of the work for the exhibition will require determination. passionate the least, creative most

How has the project affected your:

Language: Given us better skills editing text, animation terms learned and using them freely; critical review has changed how we describe photos we see

Confidence: Not sure yet – will be much clearer after the exhibition; more confident, happier to say thoughts and ideas, more willing to play a role in front of camera – sixth form students

Presentation: improved our photoshop and brief writing skills; feel more experienced, better listening, more able to present ideas; having more knowledge makes us more willing to put forward ideas; confident, better at planning – Year 10s