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Activity Review

YEAR 9 students at PACA

What did they hope to get?

Inspiration, advice, learn what happens in the music world, ideas, imagination, to learn more about design and creative jobs, experience in media or about technology, not sure, to learn about being creative, learn to be more creative, more info on my future, how to get into music and film industry

What did they enjoy most about the day?

Particular creative jobs: Getting experience from an event planner, making a film, making a rap, writing the magazine article, creating a logo, I got to have a taste of acting and filming, working with the photographer

The atmosphere: lively, pain au chocolat and learning about what the practitioners do, sharing different ideas and opinions, meeting new people, having fun, learning lots, being able to actually be involved in the activity

The work of work: finding out what people think of their jobs and having a go, got to meet people with different jobs to tell us what it’s like, working in a team, learning about different jobs and what they consist of, getting inspired by people’s jobs

Any Improvements? More time, a whole day, none, longer, more variety of people, longer time for us to interview the practitioners, longer to work on our film, more food

Year 10 students at BACA

What did they hope to get from the event?

Work experience (previously this had been the focus for this week), how to make a living doing things that you love, ideas for the future, understanding of adult life,

What did they enjoy most about the day?

Particular creative jobs: talking to Kelly the blogger because her line of work is really interesting and inspiring to me, costumes (trying on hats), listening to the professional’s music, making music, jewellry

World of work: Hearing about different peoples experiences, looking into how hard it is to get a job and the skills needed, hearing about interesting things that are happening in Brighton, contact info to volunteer, getting to grips with creative career ideas, learning to challenge yourself

Any improvements? more variety of careers (not just creative), actual work experience, optional, make it longer, more notice in advance so we know what to expect and can prepare questions


What did they hope for? To help kids a bit, a chance to put a little back into the mix, meeting people, networking with other professionals, meeting people at BACA,

What was the best thing? The open mindedness of the pupils, getting kids thinking about their futures, meeting young people who are interested and interesting

Improvements: more teachers to manage behaviour, participants better prepared