Game Jam with Hide&Seek

What Happened

As part of the Art at Work programme, students from BACA and PACA took part in a Game Jam hosted by Lighthouse as part of Brighton Digital Festival.

Lighthouse partnered with world-class games designers, Hide&Seek, to stage an intensive Game Jam to build new games for Brighton Digital Festival. The students worked with games designers from Hide & Seek to develop a series of new games that were showcased at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery as part of a Digital Late event during Brighton Digital Festival.

Some of the new games made in the Game Jam were in the form of Hide&Seek’s Tiny Games – small, quick-to-understand games, that sit in the real world, inviting participation. The games had an inherently Brighton flavour, and were showcased at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery as part of the Digital Late event.

Tiny Games is a smartphone app that enables you to play fun, social games in the real world. You tell the app where you are, who you’re with, what’s to hand and how you feel, and it supplies a game to fit.

The Game Jam went really well. Can’t say I’ve participated in an education event before that has run so smoothly. Hide&Seek were remarkable and the young people got deeply engaged with the making of the games. The day flew by! Hide&Seek were also really happy with how the day went and commented on how incredibly engaged all the young people were, so thank you to everyone. They all really got into designing games, really good games! Everyone will have contributed to a game that will be designed and made for the museum.  A few of the students hadn’t been to Brighton Museum before, so we achieved an aim of Art at Work to get more students into the city and using cultural venues! Lighthouse staff

The Game Jam provided an exciting learning environment that has a real-world outcome. Participants learned new game design principles and developed creative skills, through developing exciting new games.