Brighton Digital Festival 2013 – a Review of Glimmers

By Novie, Crystal, Remi

The Glimmer’s app is an app for iPhone users which was created by Alex. The concept of the app is to follow a series undelivered messages from the future from the following characters: Liselle, Saul, Papa and Claude. The plot was about a revolution taking place in Brighton. The year in which the undelivered messages came from jumps between different years both forward and backward, giving the participant the ability to unravel the story by themselves. It is also worth taking note on the fact that where you find the messages is where the message was sent. The story could have had more than one possible outcome due to different characters trying to lead you astray and not trust other characters.

When we tried the Glimmer app ourselves, there were 4 participants; Novie, Crystal, Sharon and Remi. We started at Brighton Station and ended at Brighton Pier. Whilst trying the Glimmers app, we came across three coincidences which were one of the dates in which the message was lost was also the day that we were able to find it. Another was in one of the messages, it was mention not to walk in front of the camera and it just so happened that there was a man taking pictures that day.  Finally, when we were told to be aware of the woman on the phone and not look suspicious, a woman walked in front of us whilst talking on the phone.

What we liked about the app was that the story came to life; making us (participants) feel more empathy towards the characters we were following. The use of location also made you more aware of your surroundings. As you followed the story, it made you feel more intrigued to know more as you unravelled the mystery. We found that the use of “lost messages” was created into a more fun idea and making you wonder what actually happens to your undelivered messages.
The things we’d say to improve are:
• Different story plots for different locations so not only Brighton locals can use the app
• Actors to act out certain scenes to make you feel like you’re actually there (ie. Using videos)
• The map could be confusing at times and did not always move when you wanted it to.