Plans in the pipeline for BACA and PACA students to collaborate on a new exhibition

As part of the BACA/PACA Family Album project, students will have the opportunity to exhibit some of the work they produce during their time with artists Marysa Dowling, Alex Buckley and James Casey. However, they are being asked to take on some of the responsibility for planning and curating the exhibition themselves! So the students have organised themselves into an exhibition planning team, and are working through the different tasks such as marketing, branding, finding a venue and choosing a title.

But they wont be left to do it alone, the Art at Work team are setting up opportunities for the exhibition planning team to meet experienced curators and events management professionals, who will advise the students, and support them through the planning process. In addition, project partners Lighthouse and Photoworks are creating opportunities for the exhibition to be presented as part of Brighton Photo Biennial 2014 and Brighton Digital Festival 2014.

Watch this space for updates later in the year.